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We've been caring for pets since 1969 – that’s fifty years of looking after dogs and cats! So we understand what they need to live a long and healthy life by your side.

Our tasty recipes provide tailored nutrition for your dog to keep them in optimal body condition throughout each life stage. 
So whether you want to give your new puppy the right start in life, or take the best care of your senior dog, EUKANUBA gives your best friend all the nutrition they need.

Optimal body condition - What it means for your dog

At EUKANUBA we’re passionate about keeping your faithful companion in the best possible shape. That’s why all of our recipes are tailored across life stages and dog sizes, helping to support your dog to reach their full potential.

The relationship you have with your dog is like a two way street - a connection. And like in any close relationship the more you give, the more you get back. That’s why you play an essential role too.

Keeping your dog in optimal body condition means taking care of all the things you can see, like a healthy coat and clean teeth, as well as what you can’t see, such as your dog’s immune system and joint health.

A recipe to help support a long and healthy life

At EUKANUBA, we only use high-quality animal protein, and we never use concentrated vegetable protein ingredients in our recipes. We also use prebiotics and  a careful tailored mix of essential vitamins and minerals, driven by our decades of experience.

We carefully source all of our ingredients and conduct over 120 quality checks so you can be sure you’re getting our best, every time.

Our food is also planet friendly, with at least 25% of our factory’s energy being generated by our very own on site wind turbine.

Our unique history

Our name EUKANUBA (“You-Kan-Noo-Bah”) was a word that grew out of the jazz culture of the 1940s. It was reserved for something that was “the tops” or “supreme” – whether it was the latest song or a fast car.

In 1969, the founder of EUKANUBA was looking for a memorable name for his new dog food formula. The quality of his food was unmatched; now all he needed was a name that was just as special.

Today, EUKANUBA is still “the tops”. Using high-quality ingredients, it’s tailored to provide all the nutrition your dog needs for their size and life stage.  So when you reach for a bag of EUKANUBA, you can be sure your dog is getting our best.


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