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Award winning Irish Setters



Breeder name: Braidmount

Location: Edinburgh

Mona Hunter and Will Brown have huge experience and passion for breeding and showing Irish Setters. Mona has been showing since 1992 and Will has been involved since the 1970’s.

Irish setters are magnificent dogs; lovable, lithe and elegant. They are so distinctive because of their rich chestnut coloured silky coat, a feature that has to be in perfect condition for showing.

Braidmount's journey with EUKANUBA

They switched to EUKANUBA a number of years ago and have been very pleased with the outcome.

“It keeps our dogs in great condition. Great posture and muscles, well balanced in terms of weight and helps keep their coat in perfect condition”.

The results speak for themselves. Since feeding EUKANUBA, they have seen great success with two of their females, Braidmount Geisha Girl and Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten at Braidmount winning 31 and 22 Championship Certificates respectively at prestigious dog shows. They are justifiably proud of this achievement.

“I am totally convinced that EUKANUBA contributed to keeping our Setters in winning condition” said Mona.

They have also successfully bred two litters since they started feeding EUKANUBA. They fed their puppies on EUKANUBA Puppy food for Medium Breed dogs, with excellent results: 

“Both litters were lovely, lively and solid - EUKANUBA Puppy gets them off to a great start in life and hopefully will help produce many future champions”.

Breeders’ top tips:

  • Feed a good quality food and stick with it. Puppies and younger dogs can sometimes be temperamental with food but the important thing is to know that what you’re giving them is meeting their nutritional needs.